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The VA - Read and Heed, GI...
« on: March 26, 2016, 11:06:39 AM »
This from Forty Rod...


First, if you are a vet and don't use your VA benefits I think you are certifiably nuts.  They have some problems but overall are the best game in town.
Second, I got a notice from my provider that informed me that should... if I met certain requirements... make an appointment to get a screening.  When I was in 'Nam I was all over II Corps, hitching rides in whatever was going where I needed to be.  I shagged rides on C-130s a lot and also on C-123s,and other fixed wing planes and about every kind of helicopter we had.  I even rode with Air America and CAT among others.  Some of those rides were with drums of Agent Orange.  I also went by road when nothing else was available and we drove through areas that had been sprayed with the stuff.
There is also a screening process being set up to contact anyone who was stationed at Camp Lejeune during a certain period.  There was an issue with the drinking water there that has caused a number of nasty things and if you were there during that time you need to get checked out.
This week I had a really comprehensive physical exam.  Though not all of the results are in, it appears that I dodged the bullet on this one... so far.  If something turns up later I'm on the registry. 
I have a number of health issues right now and am having trouble adjusting because until two years ago I have never really been sick.  Injured yes, but never ill.  I don't know how to deal with illness.  There's a huge learning process and a lot of adapting to my conditions, but they are helping me through it. I am fortunate to have been within a few miles of a clinic and only about thirty miles to a major hospital in California, and here in Arizona I'm sixteen miles from a hospital.
If for any reason the VA doesn't have the personnel of facilities locally they will, through Veterans; Choice, send you to a qualified civilain doctor for care.  I got cataract surgery, a hernia repair, and my  current kidney and bladder care at civilian clinics and / or hospitals.
I know a lot of vets who haven't joined the VA for a lot of reasons, most of which I don't consider valid, re-think that decision, folks, especially if you have a service related injury or illness or even if you think you may have.  Another thing is to be involved in your own health care.  Don't be afraid to ask questions and bug the bejabbers out of your providers until you get answers and the help you need.
If nothing else you may be eligible for a monetary compensation small to large medical disability pensions) in some cases as well as medical care.
You really need to get signed up even if you are in peak helth, just in case.

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