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Re: 1940 Model 12 trench gun build
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As I mentioned earlier my sass/wasa club’s talented match director creates our quarterly WB shoots so that the regular cas shooter can shoot as well as the 1911 shooter. When we do we usually have more auto shooters than SA shooters. Revolver shooters shoot their usual 10 while auto shooters shoot 15-20 per stage, rifle and sg target sequences are the same for both. In order to accommodate both type of handguns and target arrays we only load 5 rds in the mag. With the decline of other clubs holding dedicated monthly WB shoots this would be a workable solution. Movement with the 1911 is with the slide locked while interupted auto strings of fire without movement use a prop to stage the slide locked pistol on. Would be a way for a club to sneak in a WB match along with their monthly cas match without too much rigmarole. Of course IMO, the best way to go is to become a sass/wasa club and have the best of both worlds and the option to use all your handguns, SAs, DAs, and autos every month. And still play cowboy, army or whatever you want.
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