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Pietta Smith Carbine
« on: September 18, 2015, 03:59:03 PM »
Got a b'day coming up and am considering adding another Civil War carbine to the herd - a Pietta Smith Carbine in .50 calibre.

Opinions differ widely on the net, some happy with them out of the box, others not. One reason may be their 1x66" rate of twist, historically correct but woefully slow.

I have an ERMA-made Gallagher that I had relined to .50. Can't remember the rate of twist, but it's one hell of a lot faster than the original! Now I can shoot the same 375/450 gr bullets that I use in my .50 Shiloh '63's and 74's. Haven't shot it past 50 yds, but I can ring a 12" gong all day with it.

Anyone got any first hand experience with the repro Smith by Pietta?
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