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What happened today?
« on: June 17, 2013, 05:56:20 pm »
I have the honor to report that word has been received from BGen George Crook at Camp Cloud Peak, that his command has had a significant battle with hostile Sioux and Cheyenne warriors under Crazy Horse, in the Tongue River tributary of Rosebud Creek. Details are sketch at this time, but Crook reports he achieved a victory as he held the field. He has now moved back to his base camp. He has attempted to contact Gen'l Terry, but curriers cannot get through, owing to much hostile activity in the intervening territory. He has requested that the 5th Cavalry, Wesley Merritt commanding, with Chief of Scouts W.F. Cody be brought up to reinforce. It is also requested that additional .45 caliber rifle and carbine ammunition be brought up, as approx. 50,000 rounds were expended during the battle. Crook estimates hostile casualties in excess of 125. His own casualties are approximately 35 KIA.

It should be noted that today is also the anniversary of the Battle of Bunker (Breed's) Hill during the Revolution.
Ride to the sound of the guns, but watch out for bushwhackers! Godspeed to all in harm's way in the defense of Freedom! God Bless America!

Your obedient servant,
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Southern District
Dept. of the Platte, GAF


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