Author Topic: " What started it all ? "  (Read 5912 times)

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Re: " What started it all ? "
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Growing up watching the early westerns on TV and reruns of the old western movies with my grandfather.  :)Then being taught to shoot using my great uncle's original 1851 Navy, my great grandfather's original 1860 Army, my uncle's original 1895 Springfield, another uncle's Kentucky rifle and my father's Enfield Jungle Carbine.  :D I know, but my father hated having to clean up after the black powder, for which I forgave him many years ago. My first rifle was a 32-30 1892 Winchester, then an EMF 1851 and then an Iver Johnson Cattleman in 45 Colt. Then my first Real Colt SAA. Now well over a hundred (most of which I still have) guns later, I guess I'm hooked. ;D And waiting patiently (well, mostly) for Cimarron's new American to come out. ;)

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Re: " What started it all ? "
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Under the Tree a Hubley 45 ( Yes thats what Hubley called it )

That was 62 years ago ... I fell for the streamlined Colt 1860 Army ....

Oh my good Major

Did you save those white plastic grips all those years for the prop Centaur you described in the Centaur thread?

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