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The Division of Illinois has selected its 2013 muster dates
« on: January 20, 2013, 10:34:08 am »
18, January, 1883 (+129)

To: General U. S. Scout
Headquarters Grand Army of the Frontier
Near Washington City

Copies to:
(Bvt.) Col. Davenport,
and The ladies and gentlemen of the GAF at large


I have the honor to report the Division of Illinois of the Department of the Missouri of the Grand Army of the Frontier held a meeting this Friday last. At that meeting were Lieutenant Colonel Gannon, Major Strong, and Master Sergeant Long. At that meeting, prodigious quantities of barbecue were consumed and the dates were selected for the Division of Illinois musters.  We looked for 5th Saturdays and Sundays so as to not conflict with local cowboy matches. The first was ruled out due to it being Easter Sunday, the second being too close to the Department of Missouri Muster. However the last Saturday in August and the last Sunday in September were open and available. We have decided to divide the locations in hopes of securing more participation from different areas and introducing more people to the GAF. The second muster will be held at our usual range in Rockford, IL. However the first muster will be at the Tri-County Gun Club in Polo, IL. This is further West and we hope will be more convenient for our brothers in arms from Iowa and western Illinois.

The dates and locations are as follows.

31 August, Tri County Gun Club, Polo, IL  (

29 September, Dry Gulch Ranch, Rockford, IL (

Your Obediant Servant,
(Bvt.) Major George Washington Strong
George Washington "Hopalong" Strong
Grand Army of the Frontier #774, (Bvt.) Colonel commanding the Department of the Missouri.
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