Author Topic: I got educated on CFDA in the S/N of Vaqueros (I'm still learning Rugers)  (Read 1286 times)

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I'll bring this story over from the SASS Wire.

I posted a question there a while back on a pair of consecutive "new style" K-Vaquero .45's with CFDA starting out the serial no.
We pondered what it could mean & joked it could be Cowboy Fast Draw (a guess).  Hell, it was right.

Fact----Quick Cal worked with Ruger getting a bunch made up for fast draw competition.  They were serial numbered with CFDA.

I bought them from a really nice gal who used them for her mounted shooting irons.
These 2 six-shooters are now getting all gussied up to be a retirement gift for a friend who is retiring from the military after 34 years of service and at least 3 deployments (both USMC & US Army).

Still learning about limited edition Ruger firearms,
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