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'Monterrey' Jack Brass:

In the spirit of fostering research and the use of documentation in our efforts on 'The Cutting Edge' CAS City forum, the following info might be of interest regarding 19th cutlery manufacturers.

Below is a list of straight razor and clasp (pocket) knife manufacturers extracted from the Goins’ Encyclopedia of Cutlery Markings (1986) by John E. Goins, Knife World Publications. This excellent reference is out of print but worth owning if you can find a copy. My stop-date for this quick study was the American Civil War era, my mission at the time I worked on this project was to support living history efforts for that time period. Therefore makers active in the 1870s and 1880s are not targeted though many of the makers you see below were producing items then and sometimes beyond too. The cutlery makers listed below could have manufactured folding knives only, razors only, both folding knives and razors, made other types of cutlery, etc and such nuances are rarely delineated in my reference source for this project.

The intent of posting this list is for you to be able to confidently date at least some razors and pocket knives you may encounter in antique stores, auctions, yard sales, etc and know what you’re dealing with. St Geo, Mr Hunt, Prof Marvel, Dr Bob, RCJ, Delmonico, &c please feel free to add to the list below with your source info too where there are gaps.

J.M. Abbot & Co (c1860), Welchville, Maine
Levi Abbot (c1860), Welchville, Maine
Joseph A. Adams (c1860), 283 Pearl St, New York, NY
G(crown)R Allison (c1820-1830)
American Knife Company (c1849-1875), Plymouth Hollow, Conn
American Shear & Knife Company (c1853-1914), Hotchkissville, Conn
Ames Cutlery Company (c1829-1935), Lowell, Mass from 1791-1829, Chicopee Falls, Mass from 1829-1935
Andrew & Tredway DuBuque (c1853-1873), Chicago “Britnal, Terry and Beldon” on blade
J.H. Andrews & Co Ltd Sheffield (c1860), Toldeo Works, Sheffield
T. Ascher Sheffield (c1845)
William Atkins (c1848-1913), Sheffield
Trade Mark(bear)Milton Works (c1845)
Atkinson Bros (c1845), Sheffield
Joseph Badger & Sons (c1860-61), New Haven, Conn
Baker & Hamilton (c1854-1918)
Barlow(fish hook & backward N above name) (c1860-1881), Sheffield, blade marked B4*ANY F. WARD CO CUTLERY SHEFFIELD
James Barlow & Son Sheffield (c1828-1856)
Samuel Barlow (c1837), Sheffield
Geo. Barnsley & Sons (c1839-1938), Sheffield
Barton & Scofield (c1860), 18 & 20 Cliff St, New York, NY with factory in Sheffield
J.E. Basset & Co (c1747-1897), New Haven
W.B. Belknap (c1840-1860)
W.B. Belknap & Co (c1860-1880)
(fox) C.T. Bingham, late F. Fenney ‘Tally Ho’ (c1860), 1 Platt and 229 Pearl Streets, New York, NY
W. Bingham Co (c1841-1948), Cleveland
Birmingham Knife Co (c1849), Birmingham/Derby, Conn
William Bishop (c1850-51), 40 Congress St, Boston
Bolles & Hastings (c1841), 231 Main St, Hartford
Bradford Boston (c1845-1856), 142 Washington St, Boston
Bradford & Co Boston (c1856-1867), Boston
L. Bradley & Co Naugatuck (c1844-1896), Salem/Naugatuck and Middlebury, Conn
John Brammall (c1770-1880)
Brammell Storrs (c1778-1880), Sheffield, trademark ‘Joppa’
John Breed & Co (c1851), Norwich, Conn, importer
Brittain Wilkinson & Brownell Sheffield (c1780-1840), Sheffield, trademark ‘France’
(bell) Brookes & Crookes Makers Sheffield (c1859-1947)
Abram Brooksbank Sheffield (c1849-1864), cannon and defiance on back of tang
Abram Brooksbank Sheffield England (c1849-1864), Malinda Works Sheffield on tang
J. Brown W(crown)R (c1830-1837)
W(crown) R J.W. Brown & Co Columbia Work Sheffield (c1830-1837)
Brown & Kirby (c1851), 76 Chapel St, New Haven, Conn
Buck Bros (c1853-1927), Worchester, Mass
R. Bunting & Sons Cast Steel Cutlery Superior Temper (c1837-1864)
A. Burkinshaw Pain (c1856-1881)
A. Burkinshaw Pepperell (c1856-1920)
Butcher, Brown & Butcher (c1827-1830), changed name from Wade & Butcher in 1827, in 1830 was William & Samuel Butcher
W(crown)R Butcher Sheffield (c1830-1837)
W.S. Butcher Sheffield/Wade & Butcher (c1830-at least as late as1986), Sheffield
John Cartwright Pittsburgh PA (c1847-1858)
Cartwright & Young Pittsburgh (c1858-1860)
Joseph Church (c1838), 206 Main St, Hartford, Conn
Clark & Hall Cast Steel (c1797-1823)
Clark & Hall Warranted (c1797-1823)
Clark & Scofield (c1860) 5 and 7 Platt St, New York, NY
W. Clauberg Solingen Prussia (c1847-1875)
Franklin W. Coburn (c1858-1901), New Durham, New Hampshire
S(crossed pipes) Colley & Co Sheffield (c1834-1844)
Collins Co (c1826-1966), Collinsville, Conn
W(crown)R C. Congreaves patent American razor made from Naylor & Co’s celebrated steel (c1830-1837)
C. Congreaves W(crown)R (c1825-1865), Sheffield
James Crawshaw (c1826), successor to Nowill & Kippax
Johnathan Crookes & Son (c1827-at least 1986)
Septimus Crookes (c1860), 28 Cliff St, New York, NY, agent for Rogers & Sons, Sheffield
Cutter (c1850-1944), T. Ellin & Co
*D* Silver Steel (c1830-1837)
A. Davy & Sons/A. Davy’s Exchange Works (c1836-1870)
G. Deakin Sheffield (c1847-1870), 48 Eyre St, Sheffield
N. & R. Dodge (c1848-1860), 68 West St, Sheffield
G(crown)R Dudgeon (c1820-1830)
Dunham, Carrigan & Hayden Co (1849-1948), San Francisco, large wholesale house
G(crown)Edwards (c1830-1837)
Thomas Ellin & Co Vulcan Steel (c1850-1944)
T. Ellin & Co (c1850-1944), Sylvester Works, Arundel St, Sheffield
Thomas Richardson Ellin (c1860-1928), Footprint Works, Sheffield
Joseph Elliot & Sons Cutlers Sheffield (c1795-at least as late as1986)
Joseph Elliot Fine India Steel (c1795- at least as late as1986)
Joseph Elliot & Son Sheffield (c1795- at least as late as1986)
Ellis Brothers & Co (c1860), 217 Pearl St, New York, NY
Elsassische Werezeug Fabrik (c1858-1915)
Empire Knife Co Winsted Conn (c1856-1930)
Empire Razor Winstead Conn (c1856-1880)
Eton (c1830-1837), W(crown)R Rogerson on blade
Eyre Ward & Co Sheafworks Sheffield (c1852-1869)
John Farr (c1821-1852), Sheffield
F. Fenney Sheffield Warranted/‘Tally Ho’ F. Fenney Sheffield Warranted/Friedrich Fenney (c1824-1852)
J. Fielding Sheffield (c1848-1867)
Les Fils de Puegot France (c1847-1883), located in Valestigney
H. Fininley (c1850-1851), 18 School St, Boston
French Bird Co (c1849)
W. Frisbee (c1792-1807), London
W(crown)R S. Frost Shear Steel (c1830-1837)
F.W.C. (c1858-1901), F. W. Coburn
Gilbert & Co (c1841), 199 Main St, Hartford, Conn
W. Greaves Warranted/W. Greaves/Fame W. Greaves/Greaves’s Patent (c1799-1816)
William Greaves Sheffield (c1780-1816)
Manufactured by W. Greaves & Sons Sheaf Works/W. Graves & Sons  (c1816-1870)
W. Greaves & Sons Cast Steel Warranted Sheaf Works/W. Greaves & Sons Sheaf Works (c1816-1870)
Joseph C. Grubb & Co (c1863), 236 Market St, Philadelphia, importers
Hatfields Ltd (c1861-1922), Helca Works, Sheffield
I. Hall (c1795-1830), Jonathan Hall, Sheffield
Samuel Hancock & Sons (c1836-1909), Sheffield
Thomas Hanover (c1860), Bangor, Maine
(heart eagle heart) Harrington Cutlery Co (c1819 until at least as late as 1986)
Harrison Bros & Howson Sheffield Cutlers to her Majesty 45 Norfolk St (c1853-1919), Sheffield
J.T. Hart & Co Kensington (c1851), Conn
R. Hartkopf (c1855-1957), Solingen
Charles Hasmer (c1828), Main St, Hartford
Hatch & Merrill (c1860), Charlestown, Mass
Alexander Haugh (c1856-1860) 2 Mechanics’ B St, New Haven, Conn
Haugh & Frisbee (c1857-1858), New Haven, Conn
Hawcroft & Pearson (c1837-1844), Sheffield
John Heiffor 3 Paradise Square Sheffield (c1861)
J. A. Henkels (c1731-present)
Silas Hoadley (c1849), Plymouth, Conn
Holley & Co Salisbury (c1844-1846)
Holley & Co Lakeville (c1846-1854)
Holley Mfg Co Lakeville (c1854-1930s)
Hudson & Putnam (c1838), 209 Main St, Hartford, Conn
Jonathon Hunt Patent (c1829-1837)
N. Hunt & Co (c1850-1851), 128 Washington St, Boston
G. Ibberson (c1700-until at least as late as 1986)
Ibbotson Peace Co (c1847-1864), 84 Russell St, Sheffield
Iver Johnson Co (founded 1840)
James Johnson Silver Steel (c1818-1853)
James Johnson Superior Silver Steel (c1818-1853)
Thomas B. Johnson (c.1860), Portsmouth, New Hampshire
Hy. Kaufmann (c1856-as late as 1986), Solingen
John Kay (c1856-1858), New Haven, Conn
Kennedy & Way (c1838), 197 Main St, Hartford, Conn
Kingman & Hassam (c1855-1860), 128 & 144 Washington St, Boston, by 1864 was called Hassam Bros
Robert Klaas (c1834 to at least as late as 1986)
Krusius Cutlery (c1856-1983), Solingen
Adolph W. Kummerlen (c1860), Bridgeport, Conn
L&G/Lamson & Goodnow Co (c1853-at least as late as 1986)
Lamson Goodnow & Co Army Knife (c1860-1865), Mass, knife & fork combination
J. Lee Medway Mass (c1820-1833)
Chas. S. Little (c1860), 200 Broadway, New York, NY
C & X Lockwood Bros (c1849-1970), Sheffield
H.G. Long & Co (c1846-at least as late as 1986), Sheffield
Joseph Mappin & Bros (c1848-1853), Sheffield
Mappin, Webb & Co (c1835-1964)
G. S. Mark (c1860), Portland, Maine
W&T Marsh W(crown)R (c1830-1837)
Marsh Bros Celebrated Cutlery (c1860-1947), Sheffield, with offices in New York, NY in 1860
V(crown)R Marshes & Shepherd Pond Works Sheffield (c1837-1850)
J. Martin Albany/James Martin (c1832-1874)
Mazeppa (c1847-1909), Sheffield
James T. Mix (c1851), 59 & 61 State St, New Haven, Conn
John Mix (c1810-1830s), Yalesville, Conn, contractor to government for bayonets and small arms
B. H. Morse (c1857-1858), Waterbury, Conn
J.A. Mousell (c1860), 48 Fulton, Newy York, NY
J. Murphy (c1849-1850), 10 Dock St, Boston, by 1855 firm was named J&R Murphy
Naylor & Sanderson/N & S Patent (c1810-1830)
John A. Newbold (c1860), 13 Gold St, New York, NY
New England Cutlery Co (c1852-1860), New Haven then Wallingford, Conn
New York Knife Co, Matteawan (c1852-1856)
New York Knife Co, Walden (c1856-1931), New York
W(crown)R WM. Nicholson (c1830-37)
Nicholson & Shield (c1859), 169 Main St, Hartford, Conn
Samuel Norris Sheffield (c1795-1815), used trademark ‘*P. Cast Steel’
Northfield Knife Co. Conn (c1858-1919)
W(crown)R Oates Refined Steel (c1830-1837)
C.S. Osborne & Co (c1826-1883), Newark, made mostly leather working tools
Saml. Osborne & Co (c1841-1928), Sheffield
Parkin Acier Fondu (c1785-1800), Staniforth Parkin & Co
W(crown)R Parkin’s Patent S. Ager’s Tristram India Steel (c1830-1837)
W.K. & C. Peace (c1835-1947), Sheffield
David Peeler (c1850-1851), Montage, Mass
H.M. Phelps (c1857-1858), Waterbury, Conn
Charles Pickslay & Co. Cutlers to the Royal Family Royal York Works Sheffield (c1832-1843)
Puma (c1769-at least as late as 1986), Pumawerk, Solingen
Rawling & Jepson (c1860-1861), 113 Olive St, New Haven, Conn
Rawson Brothers Sheffield (c1860), Carver St, Sheffield
J. Rawson & Sons Birmingham (c1846-1853), Birmingham, Conn, in 1853 moved to New Haven
Rawson New Haven/J. Rawson & Sons (c1853-1883)
P.A. Reuss (c1861-1909), Mazeppa Works, Sheffield
Rhodes & Champion (c1814-1826)
Rice & Lathrup (c1860), West Winsted, Conn
Rice, Lathrup & Clary (c1856), West Winsted, Conn
Stephen Richard Co (c1862-1908), Southbridge, Mass, importers and manufacturers
H. Ridgeway Sunderland (c1844-1871)
G(crown)R Rodgers Cutlers to His Majesty (c1820-1830)
W(crown)R James Rodgers Superior Cutlery (c1830-1837)
V(crown)R Joseph Rodgers & Sons Cutlers to their Majesties (c1837-1901), 6 Norfolk St, star and cross on back of tang
V(crown)R Rodgers Cutlers to Her Majesty Patent (c1837-1901), star and cross on back of tang
V(crown)R Joseph Rodgers & Sons Cutlers to Her Majesty Patent (c1837-1901), star and cross on back of tang
V(crown)R Rodgers Cutlers to Her Majesty Patent No. 6 Norfolk St (c1837-1901), star and cross on back of tang
W. Rodgers Celebrated (c1830-1890)
William Rodgers Sheffield (c1830-at least as late as 1986)
W(crown)R Rogerson (c1830-1837), Eton on tang
John Rowe & Co (c1860), 269 Pearl St, New York, NY
Ruff & Lautz (c1860), 9 Court Ave, Boston
Amos Sanborn (c1860), Lowell, Mass
Sanderson Bros & Newbould Ltd (c1860-1933), Newhall Steel Works, Sheffield
Geo. S. Sanford (c1855), 2 Exchange Place. Bridgeport, Conn
J.M. Schmid & Co. (c1857-1964)
John Scotti Warranted Lafayette (c1824)
O.D. Seymour (c1851), 36 Pearl St, Hartford, Conn
Shelburne Falls Cutlery (c1851-1860), founded in 1837 as Lamson & Goodnow, then to Lamson & Goodnow Manufacturing in 1853
C.R. Shelton (c1849-1851) Birmingham, Conn and Westville, Conn
Singleton & Priestman Sheffield England (c1861)
H.M. Slater Ltd (c1853 to present), Sheffield
John Smith (c1856), Lowell, Mass
Smith Bros (c1860-1910), in 1860 at 49 Hawley St, 1864 at 19 Hawley St
W. & E.H. Smith (c1850-1851), Dalton, Mass
Smith & Hopkins Naugatuck (c1848-1850)
Smith & McMaster (c1860), 25 Cliff St, New York, NY
J.P. Snow & Co Chigago Ill (c1861), offices in Chicago, Ill and Hartford, Conn
Southern & Richardson (c1846-1961), Sheffield
South River Cut. Co. Conway Mass. (c1851-1856)
Stacey Bros (c1847-1920), Sheffield
Wm. Thomas Staniforth (c1852-1906), Sheffield
Steer & Webster Makers Sheffield/ Steer & Webster Sheffield (c1833-1867), Castle Hill, Sheffield
R.S. Stenton (c1860), 1 Platt St and 229 Pearl St, New York, NY, agents for C.T. Bingham of Sheffield
Paul Storr London (c1792-1844)
Swain Cutlery Bronxville, N.Y. (c1858-1898)
Henry Taylor (c1862-1927), Sheffield
Thompson & Barber (c1826)
Thompson & Gascoinage (c1852-1856)
George Tiemann & Co (c1826-1887), 107 Park Row, New York, NY
W(crown)R Tillotson Sheffield (c1830-1837), ‘Far West Hunting Knife’ on blade
Torrey Razor Co. (c1858-1963), Worcester, Mass, razor importers from England and Sweden until 1880
L.D. Towne (c1850-1851), Worcester, Mass
Trade(bear)Mark Milton Works (c1845), Sheffield
Andrew & Tredway (c1853-1873)
M. Trustworthy (c1860-1964)
3/T Trade Mark (c1811-1952), E.K. Tryon Co, Philadelphia on back of tang
V(crown)R Thomas Turner & Co Sheffield/Encore T. Turner Best Steel/Turner & Co Cutlers to Her Majesty (c1834-1901), Sheffield
Thomas Turner & Sons (c1860), 25 Cliff St, New York, NY
Turton Bros & Matthews Ltd (c1860-1914), Steel, File & Spring Works, Sheffield
W.A. Tyzack Sheffield (c1850-1953), Stella Works, Sheffield
W. Tyzack Sons & Turner Ltd (c1861-at least as late as 1986), Sheffield
Union Knife Co Naugatuck (c1851-1885)
United Knife Co (c1860), Litchfield, Conn
Unwin & Rodgers Sheffield (c1848-1867)
Van Vakt & Naylor W(crown)R (c1830-1837)
J. Veall (c1836-1882), Sheffield, trademark ‘ Taylor’s eye witness’
Venture H.M. Slater (c1853 to at lease as late as 1986)
Vulcan Cutlery (c1846-1944)
Wade/R. Wade (c1810-1818), became Wade & Butcher in 1818
Wade, Wingfield and Rowbothham Sheffield (c1825-1858), No 82 Trenter St. Sheffield, crown and Harps on back of tang, small blade marked Wade, Wingfield & Rowbotham Sheffield
Wade & Butcher Sheffield (B) arrow & cross/Wade & Butcher Sheffield (c1818-at least as late as 1986)
(anchor) Wade & Butcher (c1818-1890)
Wade & Butcher Sheffield the Celebrated Fine India Razor (c1818-at least as late as 1986)
Wade & Butcher for Barber’s Use (c1818-1890)
Wade & Butcher (B) arrow & cross (c1818-1890)  
J. Walters & Co Globe Works Sheffield (c1846-182)
F. Ward & Co Sheffield (c1857-1881)
F. Ward & Co Cutlery Sheffield (c1856-1881)
S & C Wardlow Sheffield (c1855-1920)
G(crown)R Warner (c1820-1830)
J.M. Warren & Co (c1860), 241 and 243 River Troy, New York
W’ville (c1847-1865), Waterville Mfg Co
G.M. Way & Co Hartford/George M. Way & Co (c1859) 342 Main St, Hartford, Conn
A. Weddell (c1850-1851), 15 Hawley St, Boston
Wester & Butz (c1852-1966), Solingen
Wilkinson (c1772-as late as 1986), Sheffield
H. Wilkenson (c1843), 64 and 66 ½ Front St, Hartford, Conn
W. Wilkenson & Sons Ltd (c1777-1917), Sheffield
I. Wilson (c1750-1952), Sheffield
Winchester & Johnson (c1839), 230 Main St, Hartford, Conn
J. Wiss & Sons (c1848 to as late as 1986), Newark
C.F. Wolferlitz Co (c1862-1873)
G. Woodhead Sheffield England (c1850-1876), 36 Howard St, Sheffield
George Wostenholm W(crown)Celebrated Improved Cutlery (c1832-1837), Rockingham Works, Sheffield
I*XL George Wostenholm & Son Celebrated Improved Cutlery Rockingham Works Sheffield (c1837-1848)
G. Wostenholm & Sons Washington Works (c1848-1890), Sheffield
J. Wostenholm & Co (c1848-1854)
J. Wostenholm & Sons (maltese cross) EBRO (maltese cross) (c1854-1867), Leicester St, Sheffield
M. S. Young & Co (c1843-1885), Allentown



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