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Sound Recall
« on: June 25, 2010, 11:06:48 am »
134 years ago today Lt. Col. G.A. Custer rode into to the valley of The Little Big Horn and found the Souix Nation and eternity waiting for him and 200+ troopers of the 7th Cav.

"On fame's eternal camping grounds, Their silent tents are spread, and glory guards with solemn rounds the bivouac of the dead."
When the cambrian measures were forming they promised purpetual peace. They swore if we gave up our weapons the wars of the tribes, they would cease, but when we disarmed they enslaved us and delivered us bound to our foe and the Gods of the copybook headings said, "Stick to the devil you know." Kipling

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Re: Sound Recall
« Reply #1 on: June 25, 2010, 04:58:35 pm »
And 60 years ago this very day (U.S. time), North Korea invaded South Korea.  Although it was called a "police action," to avoid having to have Congress declare war, the Korean War was war in every very terrible sense of the word.  No, I was not old enough (I was 8), but I've talked with many Korean War veterans, and many of those veterans were part of "The Greatest Generation" who fought in WWII.  Unlike those who returned after VE and VJ day, Korean vets were virtually ignored until recently.  Only those who fought in Viet Nam receive worse treatment.

God bless them all and those who are still in harms way in the defense of Freedom everywhere! God Bless America!

Your obedient servant,
Ride to the sound of the guns, but watch out for bushwhackers! Godspeed to all in harm's way in the defense of Freedom! God Bless America!

Your obedient servant,
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