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New GAF "eBizCard"
« on: October 25, 2009, 12:57:25 pm »

Provided you use Office Outlook 2007 for "eMuling" people, if any of you who care to eMule me at, I will send a reply eMule with my newlt created GAF eBizCard attached. If you then save the ebixcard as a Contact, you could then change it with your info for your own use...

The ebizcard will send all your info out to others, but you can modify the User Fields under the Custom Field area to show your own specific details. It is NOT hard to modify at all. Just after you save the ebizcard as a contact, open that contact, then double-click the ebizcard preview to modify it. Once done modifying it, click OK, then Save & Close to save your changes. You can attach the ebizcard like any other form of attachment...

Let me know if you want a copy...
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