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JD Alan:
Howdy gentlemen, I present to you the next installment of “Newbie Questions”

I’m wondering how many ways there are to attach Conchos. I’ve only seen the screw back, but there must be other ways besides that.

I want to put a Concho on the body of a holster I’m making, and I’m going to line the holster. If I bury the screw with the liner before I attach it, I’m concerned that I won’t be able to tighten it up.

So here’s what I’m thinking, and please point out any problems with the idea, or point me in another direction of need be. I want to dye this holster, but I don’t think I want the Concho attached before I do. I plan to dye both sides, so I assumed the easiest way to do that was to glue the liner on first, sew the liner, then dye it.

I’m also interested in trying a slotted Concho, but I have no idea at this point how to tie it on. Do I cut the slits, make sure I don’t apply glue to the area, then try to thread the tie down through after dyeing the holster?

I did a search on the forum for attaching Conchos, but didn’t come up with the answers I was looking for. If someone would like to comment generally on attaching various types of Conchos, I would sure appreciate the information.

This “old dog learning new tricks” thing is interesting. I did a lot of wrenching on cars and bikes 30 to 40 years ago, but I’ve not been one to work with my hands like this. My efforts have gone into playing various music instruments instead, that and a lot of study for my work as a pastor and writer.   

Thanks to all of you “seasoned” leather guys who so graciously offer advice, it is appreciated. JD

Ace Lungger:
Howdy JD,
 I hope that some one will jump in and give you the advice you need. I will do the best I can ::) since I don't line much of my stuff, I am not realy the person to advise you! If I was to do a lined rig, I would dye my leather sperate, then i would put everything on and then put toghter!!
 Surley someone that has done a lot of this will help you. I noticed on K.T. Rigs that they are lined, and he does a AWESOME JOB on his rigs, maybe he will jump in here and tell you how he does his.
 Also TW lines a lot of his stuff, and as you well know, TW rigs are TOP NOTCH, so maybe he will tell you how he does his!
That away both of us will learn the proper way.

JD Alan:
Thanks Ace, I appreciate your comments.

Ten Wolves Fiveshooter:
Howdy JD

     I'll see if I can help you with this, if your going to line your holster/belt, do your dyeing first, what ever Conchos you're going to use, make sure you can get a tight enough fit or your conchos will be loose and spin, depending on your skill to shorten the stems on rivet backs or screw backs, you can always  add a leather washer to build up the thickness of the leather your putting the conchos on,( you can use these leather washers that are cut to the size , on the back of the concho, or if the concho is domed you can put the washer under the dome to create a flatter fit in the finished side if this is for a belt, but for a holster the dome concho is perfect because it will recess when you put the rivet in the back or screw, this is a good way to do it if possible, and an easy fix  but you will have a little raised spot in the back of your liner if you do it on the back of a belt using a washer, you can skive the edges a little and that can help smooth it out ), on a belt that's not a problem, but you don't want anything to stick out inside your holster, that's why I prefer a rivet back concho, your can usually nip off enough of the stem to make it work, if the stem is too long, but you have to be careful not to cut too much off or your concho won't stay on, if the leather is too thick you can skive enough off to get a nice recessed fit, which you will want on any concho you mount on a holsters bucket, you don't want anything to interfere with the cylinder,
   if you use a slotted back concho, you just need to make a couple punched holes or slots depending on the size leather strips you're going to use,put these holes/slots where you are going to put the concho on the finish side only, before you cement the liner in, draw a small circle around the two holes on the fresh side, then when you put your cement on , don't put any cement on the area you circled, and that goes for the liner too, you can mark your liner also where the two holes are, then when your finished with everything, you can cut a leather strip that was dyed or not, and fish it through the two holes , also you want those holes to be vertical, and then make you knot.

   Make sure which ever concho you use, dry fit it first, and make sure the stem is either long enough or short enough, you want a real tight fit, when I use screw backs, I also use RED Loc-Tite to secure the screw.

 #1  So dye first
 #2  install your conchos ( except the  the slot back concho)
 #3 Cement your liner
 #4 do your sewing,
 #5 do your wet molding
 #6 do your finishing
 #7 if using a slot back concho, install it now

                                I hope this will give a little idea of how to do it, this is what i do and it has work well for me.


                                                 tEN wOLVES  ;) :D ;D

Kid Terico:
I agree with tEN wOLVES except  there should not be a raised spot in the holster. The concho is contoured and the leather should recess into it and with spacer it should be flush. If u have to grind down the male and female ends so there not to long. U will be able to use a thinner spacer then and helps get rid of inside bump.  have also put the spacer on the out side if it is a contoured concho and Be sure the spacer is small unough in diameter to not be seen. Rnen when putting screw on inside there will be no bump . You will be recessing from both sides. If useing a rivet concho shorten it and do same thing if needed.KI



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