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I need some information.
« on: April 23, 2009, 07:19:55 PM »
 I am fairly new to these forums having found them through SCORRS and i have thoroughly enjoyed reading them This is a very in formative site,
 I always enjoy the leather workers posts because I have been a saddler for many many years. At one time I worked in the National Endowment for the Arts  master apprentice program where I taught saddle making..
  Cowboying is not a hobby but a lifestyle that I've lived  for years so I have a little knowledge and ability in this area.
 I retired the saddle shop and just piddled with it for the last few years. But because i stil have a carriage co, and chuckwagon and still used draft horses regularly I have began building and selling a lot more harness.
  Since demand for the harness and saddles has grown  a lot , i have decided to reopen  the saddlery  and harness shop . This brings up my quandry.
 From reading the Leather workers and others posts I have noticed that many folks need a supplier of tools ,leather and such. It seems as though Tandy is the primary source for most every one .
 Tandy is fine but they can be pricey  and sometimes not the best quality.
 I think that i can supply most anything that folks would need at a big discount over the commercial retail suppliers as I buy from wholesalers and tanneries direct in some cases
 But i dont want to break any rules or step on anyones toes.
  I just think I can save some folks some money. But I want to do it in the correct way.
 Could some one direct me along.I am still not going to get back into large scale saddlemaking but  I have reopened my shop.
 like I said , I've been around this Cowboy culture and western heritage arena a long time and I thought I might could help  a little.


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