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Information request---Please help
« on: February 26, 2009, 12:56:28 pm »
Hi everybody I have received the following request for information. Do any of you have any information reqaurding any of these rifles?



My name is John Baard and I’m from South Africa. I just inherit some of my recently deceased dad’s rifles. I wonder if you can help me share some light on the rifles below;


Remington-keene – serial number S60 and S95. Caliber 45-70. What was the difference between the standard and the sporting rifle? Also what is the difference between the Remington-keene and the Remington-lee?
Then on one rifle, a muzzle loading firearm (black powder), or as we South Africans called it in the Boer War the “Voorlaaier” there is a identification certificate stating it to be a THERON RITCHARDS. No serial number is visible and with a 12 bore gauge. I’ve checked on the internet, but could only find a WESTLEY RICHARDS manufacturer. Did Westley Richards manufacture black powder muzzle loading firearms? Where did the name THERON RITCHARDS came from or is this a mistake on the certificate? This rifle should be from the year 1810 to 1830.
Then there is a Martini Henry that was made by the British and imported to SA with a branding that it was made for ZAR (Zuid Afrikaanze Replubliek)

More interested in the top two fire arms, so if you can help me please. I am currently working in Angola and do not have the firearms with me.


Please advise,


John Baard

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