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Re: Winter Quarter Projects
« Reply #20 on: October 27, 2008, 08:27:22 PM »
Got the Dillon all packed and ready to be shipped back to Dillon for some work.  Also ordered a Dillon 550 so I did not have to jack with changing out the 650 once I get that back from Dillon.  It was a mistake to purchase my 650 as it is a MAJOR PITA.  So, I intend to get that set up for 38 Special and leave it alone.  I will use the 550 for .45 LC and .45 Auto and anything else.  I have a single stage set up for .45-70 and .30-40.  So, I should be good there. 

I have even taken on a couple of new projects.

I will look at getting some new leather for when I don't feel like shooting in uniform.  I will also be repairing my USFA Government Inspectors model and My Hartford Armory 1890's are getting new webs from Larry Black at Hartford Armory and making them into 1875's.  This will be great because that is the desired state that I ordered them in.  I can't wait.  They are some of the sweetest pistols I own.

Lord forbid, I may actually have some time to practice ???
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