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Attention to Orders!
« on: July 12, 2008, 03:53:59 pm »
To all personnel,

   Col. Malachi Thorne, USMC, Commaning Officer, Dept. of the Pacific, has approved the following promotions:

  1.  Bvt. Capt. One Star Charlie, currently commanding Troop D, to Bvt. Major and I have assigned him as Divisional Chief of Staff.
  The Major will retain command of Troop D, until a suitable replacement can be found.
  Interested officers and senior NCO's may apply to Major One Star Charlie as soon as possible.
  All officers in WA., OR., and ID. should report to the Major ASAP as to current status.

  2. Chief Petty Officer Bosun Pete, Naval attache, Dept. of the Pacific, is promoted to Senior NCO of the Division.
  All enlisted personnel in WA. OR. and ID. report in to him ASAP as to your current status.

  Congratulations to both these individuals. Major One Star Charlie will stand the first round at the Post Officer's Club. I have ordered the Sutler's store to remain open until midnight for CPO Pete's "wetting down".

Carry on!

Lt. Col. Douglas Cedar, US Cavalry
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Dept. of the Pacific
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