Author Topic: Help me PLEASE!Never mind, went G.A. and found one just like mine  (Read 1377 times)

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I am sorry that i don't visit this forum much, I am on the leather forum, I have a OMV Limited Edition pistol, some where i was talking about this gun and someone posted a list of serial numbers so i could see where mine fell, The case coloring is fading and Ruger just told me they would fix it, there is a person on the net, that is interested in buying it, but he says he can't locate that Ruger made these Guns.  And I know for fact that they did, I have seen others like it ,Mine is a Deep Blue case colored reciever, rugers Ivory grips, and gold scroling in the cyclinder. I know that this is a factory gun, but where can I locate any info for him?

 I would be deeply greatfull for any and all help!!
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