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2007 Grand Muster Uniform Competion Rules
« on: September 09, 2007, 03:31:11 pm »
For those who wish to enter the uniform competition at the Grand Muster, here are the rules.

Categories will be for both Dress and Field, in Army (US and CS), Naval/Marine (US and CS), and Foreign (non-US).  For any category with more than four contestants, 1st - 3rd awards will be given.  For categories with less than four entrants, only 1st place will be awarded.

•   All Uniform contest entrants must be registered for the Grand Muster.
•   Entrants may enter in both the dress and field uniform competitions, but only one field uniform entry may be made, even if you wear a different uniform on different days.
•   All entries must be submitted by noon, Saturday, September 15th, or at such other time as the judges may determine.
•   Field uniform judging will be held on the afternoon of Saturday, September 15th at a time and place established by the judges.
•   Dress uniform judging will be held prior to the Banquet Saturday, September 15th at a time and place established by the judges.
•   Entrants will have 60 seconds to explain their uniform to the judges.  
•   Contestants will be judged on
•   Authenticity (is the uniform correct or regulation for time portrayed with no anachronisms)
•   correct wearing of the uniform (is the uniform worn correctly for the time period and activity portrayed)
•   details (gloves, watch, and other appropriate accessories),
•   presentation (here is your chance to impress the judges with who you are,  what is special about the uniform you're wearing, or other such information as you may wish to impart).
•   Uniforms that have previously won first place at any Grand Muster are ineligible for further GAF competition. Uniforms that have won awards at SASS, NCOWS or other similar competitions may be entered.
•   Awards will be given at the Award Ceremony at the end of the Grand Muster.
•   Awards will be presented for best Army, Naval/Marine, and Foreign uniform in both the Dress and Field categories.


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