Author Topic: What are you coming to the Muster as???  (Read 5876 times)

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Re: What are you coming to the Muster as???
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The story I related was that told to me by my Drill Instructor SSgt McGee (now SgtMaj, Ret) back in 1976, referring to the French award of the forragere.  I beleive it was certainly awarded for those actions at Chateau-Thierry/Belleau Wood, and then again for the taking of Blanc Mont at St Mihiel.  These two actions were ones in which the Marines fought as an independent unit.  Earlier, the Marines fought at Verdun as part of the U.S. 2nd Division.  Also, the 5th Marine Regiment, as part of the 2nd US, also captured the town of Vierzy, during the battle for Soissons.  My Grandfather's baby brother was in the Marines in WWI (the only other one in our family) and I have tried to follow where he was during his time there (1917-1919).  He (Uncle Clarence) was later killed on duty as a police officer in North Carolina in 1955.  I'm sure I've got it somewhere as to the specific actions for the multiple awards of the Croix de Guerre, hence the forragere, but I'm just working from memory here.

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