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Department of the Platte - roll call!
« on: April 17, 2006, 11:21:08 pm »
Troops of the Department of the Platte –

As you probably know GAF has recently undergone a change of Command.  The new commander, US Scout, is making a major effort to transform GAF into a more active organization.  He has appointed me to take command the Department of the Platte and to work with him to achieve that goal.  I am looking forward to the challenge and will make every effort possible to successfully fulfill that mission. 

As a first step, it is necessary to assemble a Department staff.  I am looking for people who are willing to be involved in planning, publicizing, staging and hosting Departmental events.  Events might include any of the following:
- A one or two day match based on the GAF Muster: a single pistol and rifle only with stages based on military battle or skirmish.  Most of the stages to have at least one full reload for at least one of the firearms.  Participants encouraged to wear military uniform (authentic or Hollywood)
- A long-range match using military issue longarms: Sharps, Springfields, Krags, Martini-Henry, etc (no civilian style lever actions, buffalo rifles, target rifles).  Participants encouraged to wear military uniform (authentic or Hollywood).
- A side-match at a major regional match based on either of the two concepts above. 
- Provide a UNIFORMED color guard at a SASS, NCOWS, NSSA, or other type of shoot; for a social event such as a dinner or ball; or as part of a living history program; or at a convention.
- Put on a living history program or lecture about the Victorian-era military.  Discuss the history, uniforms, weapons, etc to the public.  Participants encouraged to wear authentic military uniform
- A ball, banquet, or dance put on for GAF members and their guests.  Participants encouraged to wear military uniform (authentic or Hollywood)

I'm thinking start small - maybe some side matches at local shoots or other such undertakings.  I do not expect to change the world over night or to move mountains just yet.  Because I came to GAF from a cowboy action shooting background, I tend to think primarily in such terms; however, as the list above indicates, there are many venues available for GAF activities.  I am prepared to encourage and assist with anything “reasonable”.

At present, the following positions are open within the Department:  Artillery Commander, Infantry Commander, Naval Commander, Marine Commander, and Adjutant.  I am still awaiting word from the current Chief of Staff, Sergeant Major, and Cavalry Commander.  In addition there are slots available for Division (state) commanders and staffs if enough folks step up and get involved.

Over the past several weeks I have tried to contact troops and staff of the Department of the Platte via e-mail and The Barracks at CAS City.  Some have responded, many have not.  This is being sent individually to all department members for whom I have an e-mail address.  It is also being posted at The Barracks.  Troops, I need to hear from you, especially if you are willing and able to assist in fulfilling our mission as set forth by our Commander, US Scout.

Please check in and let me know where you stand.  I check CAS City and The Barracks daily, my e-mail is:, my phone number is 970-824-8407.  I am in Craig, Colorado and I am often available during the day as well as evenings.

Thank you for your continuing interest and effort,
Sagebrush Burns
Department of the Platte

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Re: Department of the Platte - roll call!
« Reply #1 on: August 06, 2006, 01:33:48 pm »
Sir: Just found you message!  ;D I have tried to contact the new commander, but no response??  My confuzer is most likely put'en my stuff in his trash!  We are located in Whiskey Row Az. I really like it here.  ;D ;D Anything I can do to help, let me know. Jack Hays GAF #225
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