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Zoot Shooters / Re: June 2020 Colorado Match
« Last post by Bat 2919 on Yesterday at 11:30:17 pm »
Yes, second Sundays June - August.  They also are planning a Championship match the first weekend of September.
Shotguns / Chinese '87 with 30" barrels
« Last post by Abilene on Yesterday at 10:13:29 pm »
This is just a heads up.  Cimarron has not sold Chinese '87 shotguns before, just some of the Chiappa offerings.  But they have had some on order for a long time, and I noticed they have received them.  They are coming from the company that is making the 1878 coach guns, though I couldn't say if it is the same factory.  It is possible that these are really crappy '87's like Century was importing.  I really don't know.  The thing that might interest some folks is that they have them in both 20" and 30" barrels.  I don't know that any other Chinese '87's have had the long barrel.  So for some of y'all that like 'em long, just maybe...???

Sorry, I don't know price or anything else about them and not on their website.  If you search around you can still find an image of the Chiappa.  I just saw them on the inventory list.
1860 Henry / Re: 1860 Henry Iron frame
« Last post by Coffinmaker on Yesterday at 08:58:49 pm »

Ah well .. not having the rifle in my hands is a handicap.  However, flip it upside down and inspect the area where the magazine meets the frame.  CAREFULLY inspect for any ledges, burrs, or protrusions that might hang up the Follower.  Make sure the follower slides SMOOTHLY the last inch of it's travel.
1860 Henry / Re: 1860 Henry Iron frame
« Last post by OD#3 on Yesterday at 07:53:03 pm »
Well, that busts half my theory, but I still think we're onto something.  I don't think your rifle needs a "break-in" to fix this.  You said that when you move the cartridge back about 1/16th of an inch, that frees everything up.  This still suggests that the bullet nose on that last round still catches occasionally on the magazine tube opening.  If you're agreeable to breaking the rifle down again, I suggest you give the top of the breech-end entrance to the magazine tube a look-see.  I'd be willing to bet that edge is sharper than it should be, and this really isn't a difficult fix.  Are you using lead bullets?  If so, try cycling some rounds through again until you find another last round that sticks, then put enough pressure on the lever to leave a mark on the bullet nose (if that's, indeed what's catching).  Once you free it, just raise the elevator all the way and look closely at the bullet nose, and I'll bet you see a mark there. 

Remember, with no rounds in the magazine pushing on that last bullet, it is free to rattle forwards and backwards however far the cartridge is shorter than the window.  It is also not lying perfectly horizontally, because the rim will cause a downward attitude of the nose, canting the meplat a bit.  Have you tried levering with the muzzle pointed up past 45 degrees?  How about down past 45 degrees?  I'd be interested to know if the condition presents itself with either or both.

If it tends to only happen when the cartridge has slid to the front of the window, you can cure this by working on that magazine entrance.  It really isn't too hard to bevel and polish that top edge. 
Upcoming Musters / Re: Department of the Platte muster
« Last post by Dusty Tagalon on Yesterday at 06:55:31 pm »
Retired in 8 days, looks promising, no commitments 7/31-8/2. If volunteers are invited back to VA before then, I can keep the time open.
USFA CSS / Re: USFA Plinker date of manufacture?
« Last post by Buckaroo Lou on Yesterday at 06:45:58 pm »
It strikes on the rim of the cartridge and not in the center.
Got my ‘73 back from the gunsmith today. Our signals got crossed up and he mounted my sight correct for a Spanish contract carbine but far out for a 76 centennial lookalike but it will work. Was going to cut it back a little and split the difference. Oh well, now to figure out a cleaning rod. I don’t think there is enough room and the last thing that I want to do is split the forearm. Two thoughts, one to just shorten it to 6 inches or  cut the rod down to 1.5 inch, thread it, d&t the nosecap and just screw it in. I would use a sling, the sling swivels and rod for the Spanish carbine and remove the swivels and rod for Rafe’s centennial. I’d maybe screw a screw into the hole to hide it.
USFA CSS / Re: Likely not, but..I need a Bisley hammer?!
« Last post by yahoody on Yesterday at 03:07:03 pm »
Thank you Sir.  Much appreciated.  Bisley hammer won't work in a SAA.  Wish it would.  I've made them before and have one hammer left already cut to make another.  Prefer to buy or trade someone for their's though.  I have some spare USFA factory hammers ;D    So you won't be going with out!
USFA CSS / Re: USFA Plinker date of manufacture?
« Last post by LonesomePigeon on Yesterday at 03:02:50 pm »
I know this is an old post but it has a good picture of  the hammer on a .22 caliber gun. I was wondering how it is that a .22 rimfire gun could have a firing pin that looks like a center fire?
USFA CSS / Re: Likely not, but..I need a Bisley hammer?!
« Last post by LonesomePigeon on Yesterday at 02:54:34 pm »
I don't know if this would work but VTI sells a Bisley hammer for Pietta GWII and it says it also fits Colt 1st and 2nd Gen and rmi San Marco.
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