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Tall Tales / Re: The August Coffee,Tea and foodstuffs.
« Last post by pony express on Today at 08:52:34 pm »
Don't know about Academy Sports, don't have one of them anywhere around here. Just Wally World, Dick's(I won't go there...) Orshelin (similar to Tractor Supply Co) and drive to Springfield for Bass Pro, or the various LGS.
Yes, it can be used in place of a target gripped MK III in an appropriate portrayal.  This would be after 1896, probably as civilian of the Empire, as I believe an officers weapon would have to be of the issue caliber, IE .455.  I suppose an enlisted infantryman might have one in his kit, much like US troops overseas often carried small revolvers as last ditch weapons.  Though perhaps her Majesty's army frowned upon such things?  Jack?

I could see US troops possibly acquiring these, as the various Webleys and other small British revolvers were quite popular in the States,  and of course the .38 S&W was a very popular round on this side of the Atlantic.   The Webley would be on the expensive end of the scale, far outnumbered by the various "Bulldogs" and US made 5 shooters.

Though anyone using one had better have quite a good backstory as to how he got it and why.
The Powder Room - CAS reloading / Re: 38 Special w/105 gr bullet
« Last post by Abilene on Today at 08:01:13 pm »
Let's see.  Et tu Brute.  Was that right?

I do still know some of my alter boy responses.  :)
I'm getting confused here gentleman. I'm looking at a Mark IV in .38 , can it be used or not ?.
I know this is an old thread, but thought I?d chime in. There was a bit of discussion about a bayonet for the Uberti ?66 musket.  I have a Uberti ?66 musket and a Uberti ?73 musket, both NIB, which were originally bought as dealers samples some years ago. The ?73 came with a bayonet, but the ?66 didn?t. Don?t know why.  Maybe I should see if it fits either gun.
The plural of Lustrum is Lustra.    ;D


Abilene knows Latin!!!!
Can you manage "Illegitimi non carborundum"  ?

Quickly! There's No Time!
Please give me the Latin for
     "I Came
      I Saw
      I had a little coffee"

prof marvel
BROW / Re: Wiping Fluid
« Last post by Professor Marvel on Today at 05:38:57 pm »
This missive has no real content applicable to the OP.  If you choose to ignore .... well OK.  I won't be Offended.  Nope sure won't.

Hoever, as many concoctions as I have run into for shooting BP, I must admit this is the first I have heard of "Wiping Fluid."  Obviously, I need to get out more.  However, I don't actually see where "Cutting Oil" would or even could be more effective than PAM for swabbing out a bore during a match.  Or even just a fun shooting session.  I would simply chamber up a fired case, squirt some PAM down the bore, run a wet patch (PAM again) through then an oily patch with Mobil 1 motor oil.  Eject the case (important .. that) and continue.  Of course, I don't shoot BPCR, so my opinion is rather moot.  Just something to express on a boring Sunday afternoon.

Hello My Dear Bored Coffin

what Sam and Ranch said.

a longer, less boring discussion:

what you are suggesting is excellent advice for the standard casual BP CAS shooter.

BROW (this subforum) is about Buffalo Rifles of the Old West:  long range shooting matches and about the rifles used in the "old days" to harvest buffalo hides.

and thus BPCR implies amazing and possibley psychotic world of the long-range Black Powder Cartridge Shooters.

How long range? When I was young and frisky and foolish I used to think 300 yards was LR.
Then after some education from some National Guard targe shooters a t work  thought 500 meters was long range.

Then I read in magazines about silohuette silouette shooting steel pigs and turkeys

Then i got some books ( remember them? before the interwebs?) about the 1500 yard matches at wimbledon in the 1870's.


and I am reading about  the insanely long shooting the BPCR guys are doing now out to 2000 plus yards

then I saw this:

that's a .45 cal muzzleloader  using an elongated cylinderical bullet, so it's about the same as a .45-90 or .45-100 or .45-110 ....
but it's still a muzzle-loader.


these guys ARE different
They learn how to read the wind at different spots down the range.
They learn about vortex, cortex, spindrift, corrialis, coelll coriolis effect.
They take into account temperature, humidty, altitude, time of year...
I think some of them take into account the position of the moon for gravitational and tidal effect.

They use fouling shots, blow-tubes, wipe between shots, weigh each bullet, weigh each cartridge case, and more stuff I don't even care to know

it's a different crazy world. I fully expect them to do "different stuff" prior to shooting, during shooting,  before cleaning , after cleaning, and probably
after they get home before putting away.  I would not be surprised if someone plugged his bore at both ends and fiulled it with magic
rifle pixie oil before putting it away!

here's some discussion for those of us who are bored....

prof babbles

Tall Tales / Re: The August Coffee,Tea and foodstuffs.
« Last post by Major 2 on Today at 05:27:24 pm »
Winchester White box 9mm is the same @ Academy Sports ?. I have some

I don't shop Wally World anymore ?. they often out of stock
The Barracks / Re: M1898 Khaki Trou - Leg Stripes Yes or No?
« Last post by Drydock on Today at 05:04:49 pm »
The only issue of the 1st pattern M1898 was to units in Cuba in July 1898.  These would have had branch colored leg stripes.  All other issue of the Kahki uniform were of the 2nd pattern, which had no leg stripes.  There is a picture of Adna Chaffee in China, wearing the Kahki uniform he was issued in Cuba, with leg stripes.  Everyone around him had not served in Cuba, and had no leg stripes.  A Kahki Uniform with Leg Stripes meant you served in Cuba in Wartime, and was something of a badge of distinction in the Pre WW1 army.  None of the units deployed to the Phillipines received this uniform.
1860 Henry / Re: Loosening Uberti Screws
« Last post by Professor Marvel on Today at 04:57:30 pm »
... I just drilled out the screw and replaced the sight.  You cannot salvage the barrel band when you drill out the screw.  The threads are all on the wrong side.

ummmm  wrong side?

the outside?

prof confused
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