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Gun Reviews / Re: From C&B to Conversion
« Last post by Long Johns Wolf on Today at 12:17:00 am »
FWIW: The Centaures' rifling groove dia is adjusted to the chambers' dia, i.e. .446" on all seven (7) accounts.
Long Johns Wolf
Tall Tales / Re: Summer begins coffee and sweet tea JUNE
« Last post by The Trinity Kid on Yesterday at 09:59:45 pm »
Evening all.

Currently cloudy and expecting thunder later on here in Big Sky country.

I had an interview at the corner store today, and walked out not only hired, but given a raise from $9.50 to $10.25. Must have said something right. Start tomorrow afternoon, 2:30-10.

1911 & Wild Bunch Shooting / Re: Mag Issues
« Last post by Dusty Boddams on Yesterday at 08:43:30 pm »
 ;D your welcome!
The Barracks / Re: M1889 Whites
« Last post by Bat 2919 on Yesterday at 07:07:47 pm »
GAF BIBS ;D  I like it ;)  Would this be an issue item or will we have to buy our own? 

I was putting my uniform judging form together and I need to correct my previous post.  The epaulets became regulation in 1901, not 1902.
Score one more for the old Marlin 25-20!

Tall Tales / Re: Summer begins coffee and sweet tea JUNE
« Last post by litl rooster on Yesterday at 06:27:11 pm »
I like ice coffee as well

Just had a frog drowned here- lots of flooding had a small Gum Tree snap and fall.
Marlin Lever Action Rifles / Re: 44-40 265 yards, Two Rifles......
« Last post by Bryan Austin on Yesterday at 05:47:00 pm »
Sir, I salute you!


Thank you everyone!!  ;D
Colonel Drydock,

received the packet downloads. Do you want us to print out a score sheet and an Indemnity waver pre-filled out to hand in when checking in?
Or will these be provided for us to fill out?
Gun Reviews / Re: From C&B to Conversion
« Last post by Abilene on Yesterday at 03:25:13 pm »
...Both the Howell and the Kirst would be a 5 shot after conversion,...

I thought the Howell is 6-shot (with angled chambers).
Gunsmithing / Re: Opinions welcome
« Last post by Coffinmaker on Yesterday at 03:21:07 pm »

Most fun to watch are Squirrels going after a Bird Feeder when the post has been greased with Vaseline.  Much more fun than Chipmunks.
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