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Title: GAF Muster Shooting Medals
Post by: Major Matt Lewis on April 17, 2006, 10:01:08 pm

Not Really ;D, I just finally got around to mounting the medals that I won at the past two GAF Musters in a shadow box and put it on display in my trophy case.  Doesn't look so bad....I got two first place, one for a speed side event and one for being the Top Marine Shooter last year.  I got one for finishing second place in Smokeless Duelist, and a Third Place Smokeless Duelist from the year before.  Since I am displaying the medals in military fashion, I need to go to the local surplus shop and have a bronze device added to the first place medal as that is the only proper thing to do to anotate additional awards. 

Look forward to adding some more bronze devices to the ribbons from this years Muster.  Might finally get that first place Smokeless Duelist I have been chasing.....Also, being that I was the Match Director last year, I have some left over medals.  I am thinking about mounting them for ware on the uniform.  Sure would be nice if I could get myself a GAF Medal to go with them.  It would look nice wearing them to formal occasions.  Be good promotion for the organization too.
Title: Re: GAF Muster Shooting Medals
Post by: Pitspitr on April 17, 2006, 10:47:14 pm
We're working on it, though it will still be a while.
Title: Re: GAF Muster Shooting Medals
Post by: US Scout on April 18, 2006, 05:48:15 am
I'm filling out the copyright forms almost as I type this.  Forms are easy - its understanding all the rules and regulations.  Whoever wrote this must have done the income tax code as well. 

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