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Title: !887 Replica Help
Post by: NCRanger on June 30, 2020, 04:09:00 PM
Thought I would share my success with you pards. I have an 1887 Chinese replica imported by Century Arms (PW87). I purchased it in 2014 and sent it to Coyote Cap who had it four four years (he got sick and couldn't work). I got it back last year and I enjoy shooting it in matches even though it can be slow (technique is everything).
The success I want to share and some of you may already know, so forgive me for ploddin' on. As ya'll know the 1887 was made to shoot 2 1/2" brass shotshells. The reason people have problems with it running consistently is because the PW87 doesn't care for 2 3/4" shotshells. The crimp tends to catch on the chamber mouth during ejection. I was told the Chinese replica was redesigned somewhat for 2 3/4" shotshells but I don't see it. Dimensional wise it is the same as the original.
A simple solution is to buy a case ($110.00) of RTS, 2 1/2" shotshells. (

They are plastic and reloadable and they work. MEC sells an adapter plate for their loader for 2 1/2" shotshells. I load 1 ounce of 7 1/2 shot over 16.5 -17 grains of Red Dot powder with a Winchester plastic wad. I had to develop that load myself because there is not a lot of load data for 2 1/2' shotshells.
Bottom line is the 2 1/2" shotshells run consistently in the PW87 and you can shoot just as fast as you can drop two in at a time. You still have to drop the lever all the way down, but it seems to eject smartly every time.

Title: Re: !887 Replica Help
Post by: cpt dan blodgett on July 13, 2020, 04:48:33 PM
Thanks for the recommendations
Title: Re: !887 Replica Help
Post by: Curtis264 on July 17, 2020, 08:08:37 PM
I have a Chinese 1887, I took it apart and polished the surfaces inside the shotgun. I use some pretty hot buck shot load, 10 pellets 00 over 32 gr of long shot and 1 3/8 ounces of number 6 over 25 gr of longshot and the shotgun handles them all, I have had zero problems with feeding or ejection and this is all 2 3/4 reloads