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Title: Whatever happened to...?
Post by: Capt. John Fitzgerald on January 17, 2020, 05:30:03 PM
Well, we know what happened to USFA, but what became of one of their suppliers, Tru-Ivory?  Located in Everett, WA, (25 miles north of my home town, Seattle) they made some really nice looking imitation ivory grips.  Then, one day, they were gone!  That was some time back and I have always wondered what became of them.  They had a great product - grips that were custom fitted and offered in various shades of "aging" to suit your particular taste.  You can still find a very abbreviated web site for them but it is nowhere near as complete, or informative, as it once was.  Pretty much just a shadow of its former self. 
I, for one, have always preferred the real thing over synthetics but have to admit that those Tru-Ivory grips looked pretty good.  Wish I had got them for my Italian made (Uberti) USFA 38 cal., 1851 Richards/Mason conversion.  Spending money on real ivory to dress up an Italian gun, even though it bears the USFA roll marks, seems a bit wasteful to me but those Tru-Ivory grips would have been perfect.
Just wondering... 
Title: Re: Whatever happened to...?
Post by: Major 2 on January 17, 2020, 07:12:31 PM
Bar S closed the doors several years ago

I don't know the business version , I do know Bar S Grips " Tru Ivory " were fragile and I reason there was part of the demise