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Title: copper plated bullets
Post by: Bunk on February 15, 2019, 09:28:13 pm
Some time ago I believe there was a question about copper plated hand gun bullets like Rainier or Berry and there may be others.

Loading some copper plated bullets in 9 m/m and .45ACP cartridges with a 115 grain 9 m/m and a 200 grain .45ACP bullet and using a powder charge about half way between minimum and maximum should be a moderate velocity load.

Shot at a 3/8” mild steel target at 60 feet the following was observed. They made a nice big spot in the paint, but did no more damage to the target that a plain lead bullet at an equal velocity.

So far, I have not found a bullet fragment in the grass around the target but it might be the bullet shattered on impact.
Realizing that plated bullets are not legal for CAS shooting but neither is a Browning High Power in 9 m/m however, it is still fun to shoot.

Yr’ Obt’ Svt’
Title: Re: copper plated bullets
Post by: Coffinmaker on February 16, 2019, 10:44:39 am

A diversion.  Thread Drift Alert.  Subject Diversion Caution.  Deliberate Whoops Notice.

Several years ago in a Galaxy far, far away (A Galaxy 500 actually) I got interested in lighter bullets for the 45.  Started shopping around.  Stumbled on " FRANGIBLE BULLETS."  Made from old recycled pennies I think.  No lead at all.  Finger safe.  Normal 45 ACP Ball size bullet weighed about 145 - 150Gr.  No cannelure and no crimp groove.  Intended to be loaded with a taper crimp for auto loaders and primarily for law enforcement as when they hit a solid object, the Frangible bullets ..... Franged and disappeared in a puff of coper dust.  Poof.  The perfect solution for those idiot critics of CAS.  EXCEPT:

NO CRIMP groove.  If one were to try and crimp them, they just crumbled away.  Same same if you managed to load them in a tube magazine.  Bullets recoiling against one another caused them to Frange.  No Bueno.  There ended my inquiry into the suitability of Frangible Bullets for CAS

Understanding, my short dissertation has nothing what so ever to do with the OP.  Almost kinda sorta related but maybe not quite.  So , should one elect to ignore this rambling nattering naboberie and just continue on elsewhere, the author won't be at all annoyed.  Nor Upset.  A little disturbed, but that has nothing to do with this witty and informative blurb.  So feel quite free to skip it and carry on to something much more interesting.  Like maybe Cupcakes.  Chocolate Cupcakes.  Chocolate Cupcakes with Dark Chocolate Frosting.  And a cherry on top.  Sort of.  Bye.
Title: Re: copper plated bullets
Post by: Bunk on February 20, 2019, 02:29:21 pm
or try an Oreo cookie with dark chocolate filling with a smear of cashew butter on top.
Yum Yum