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Title: GAF Belt Plates
Post by: Trailrider on December 07, 2017, 12:15:20 pm
NOTE: I am NOT soliciting business for myself or the manufacturer.  Just thought newer members should know...

As I ran out of M1851 Enlisted Eagle Belt Plates, and my previous supplier has apparently retired, I contacted Parsley's Brass, and was able to order some which will be ready shortly. These are the ones with the silver applied wreath. They were supposed to be for enlisted cavalry troops, but many officers liked the heavier pistol or saber belts and the fancier silver wreath during the CW and Indian Wars campaigns.

As you GAF veterans may recall, a number of years ago (c.2004 IIRC), we commissioned a GAF Belt Plate that would fit on 1-7/8 waist and cavalry belts. These are a rectangular plate with the letters GAF inside a wreath, with a stippled background. I'm not sure how to post a photo of mine, but perhaps someone else can.

 Spoke with Tim Parsley, and they can cast up some more for $28.95 each plus postage. He does NOT show them on his website, but still has the moulds. These are the type with the separate hasp that is usually sewn and riveted into the left end of the belt, and the plate itself hooks into the hasp. The belt plate has a slot on the right end, through which the end of the belt is passed, bent back on itself, and a hook on the end of the belt then hooks into a hole in the belt body.  This is the same way the original M1851 Enlisted Eagle Belt Plates are attached. Because the plate and hasp are matched to each other, you usually can't use the same hasp for both plates, although, sometimes a little filing on the hasp hole could make it possible to do so.  I didn't think to ask, but originally, the GAF plates could be ordered with the French back or the three-hook back.

Just thought you would like to know...

Your obdt servant,

Title: Re: GAF Belt Plates
Post by: 1961MJS on December 07, 2017, 08:28:21 pm

I have one of these, but I haven't put it on a belt yet.  I'm concentrating on an Xmas present which I just finished, and am working on my uniforms for the GAF.  It as well made or better than the other officer's belt plate I have from other sources.

Title: Re: GAF Belt Plates
Post by: Lord Eoin MacKenzie on January 31, 2018, 03:57:28 am
How do I contact tim about the belt plate?   I have a belt,  but need a buckle for a cav belt
Title: Re: GAF Belt Plates
Post by: 1961MJS on January 31, 2018, 11:32:35 am

This is the website: (

The GAF buckle is in the Modern Buckles list.  As of January 2018 its $26.95.