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Title: Post 1885 Military handgun cartridge carry
Post by: Doug.38PR on January 02, 2014, 12:31:22 am
I have a leather WW2 era belt, holster and magazine pouch that I got cheap about 3 years ago.

 I've found that the belt itself works and looks good for works for other guns, holsters and ammo carriers as well.  Maybe not historically authentic necessarily, but it works.
The other night however, I applied it to a post 1885 flap holster I use for my 7 inch Schofield.  While this belt wasn't used in the Indian Wars, maybe this comes close to authentic around the Spanish American war period (maybe not).  But that's not really all that important.  What kind of last quarter 19th century method did the military use for carrying extra ammo?  A pistol cartridge pouch?  Belt cartridge loops?   

For now, I just put on my Rio Grande holster from El Paso Saddlery over my shoulder like a bandolier.  Had a gunfight with 4 pumpkins across the backyard this afternoon along with my Pedersoli Trapdoor Carbine.   ;)

Title: Re: Post 1885 Military handgun cartridge carry
Post by: pony express on January 02, 2014, 11:25:07 pm
Here's some various cartridge boxes for the time period:
Some of the pictures on his website won't link, though, including the one for the .45 cal box.

I believe they also had a Mills cavalry webb belt that had 12 pistol cartridge loops in addition to the rifle loops. Not many reproductions of those, and they a bit pricey. In the belt section of the same website, he has a similar belt to what you show, listed as a 1904 model, I'm not sure if it's identical or not from the pictures, though.
Title: Re: Post 1885 Military handgun cartridge carry
Post by: St. George on January 03, 2014, 01:37:41 am
The last quarter saw the proposed use of the Dyer Cartridge Pouch, but saw more Civil War Cap Pouches being used.

Then came the 'Fairweather Christian' belt that led to the Model 1876 Prairie Belt.

Towards the end, it was the Mills Belt, in different configurations - until about 1910, when the M1910 equipment was fielded.

The M1910 Garrison Belt you picture didn't see duty during the period at all.

Scouts Out!
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