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Title: GAF Muster Attendance Now Assured!
Post by: RattlesnakeJack on September 22, 2005, 04:13:04 pm
Well Folks, the last potential impediment to my attendance at the GAF Muster has disappeared, as of today!  My BATF Form6NIA approval just arrived by fax!

Now I suppose I must decide exactly which of the 17 different firearms listed thereon, which I am approved to import, I'll actually bring along to Muster!   :-\

Have a total of seven (7) different revolvers listed, but may limit myself to one or more (backup, y'know) of the .455 Webley revolvers, and maybe will also bring along the NWMP .476 MkII Enfield revolver. Similar decisions to be made among the three (3) different .45 Colt leverguns approved, and the four (4) long-range rifles....  Be nice to bring 'em all, but I doubt i'll have room!

I am miffed with myself for one thing, however!  I plumb forgot to include my beautiful 1914-made WWI Canadian-purchase M1911 Colt, and ammo, for the Wild Bunch match!!!  :'


(  I'm going to get on the phone (or check online) to confirm whether I can submit a separate application for that ....    If not - or if I can't get approval in time - can anyone supply me with a suitable pistol and supply of ammunition?  (For which I will gladly pay, of course!)
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