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Title: Question about an AMS Traditions gun
Post by: jmtank on October 09, 2010, 07:51:07 PM
I have recently acquired a Navy Arms-type revolver.  On the hexagon barrel it says ASM Traditions and 38 special.  It is blued and silver lower with walnut grips.  It has engraving on the cylinder of two "tall ships" that appear to be in battle, with the words above them saying "Engaged (illegible number) May 1843."  A serial number of 3678 is located on the bottom of the barrell and the frame. It also says Patent No. with no number behind it. 

Any information anyone can provide about this gun would be really appreciated!  Thanks!
Title: Re: Question about an AMS Traditions gun
Post by: Abilene on October 09, 2010, 07:55:27 PM
Is the rear sight on the conversion ring and the firing pin is also in the conversion ring?  Sounds like an ArmiSanMarco made Richards conversion.  The quality on those was very spotty, which is why they went out of business.  If yours works well, take very good care of it and don't abuse it as parts are generally not available.
Title: Re: Question about an AMS Traditions gun
Post by: Merlin289 on November 29, 2011, 11:23:39 PM
Hi jmtank,
 I was doing a search for this exact same gun! when Google led me to your post and this site and I signed up as, so far I really like Cascity a lot from what I've seen so far  :)
 Any way I have the exact same gun! I traded a friend for some computer parts and work, and so I have had it for a number of years and just love it! Everything you listed about yours is the exact same as mine except the date and serial number of course.
 the one I have is dated 16 May 1844 and serial number of 5472. It has a very, very light trigger pull and that took a bit of getting used too!  ;)  and i didn't know if I would like a single action revolver as my favorite is a Ruger 357 Mag double action, But after shouting this ASM 38 special for a while I really have come to love it! it has a very nice feel, very accurate for me anyway, it's one of them guns that just feels good in your hand! I can just shoot from the hip or point and shoot, no need to aim it just shoots where i point it. I'm not a pro shooter or anything like that but I know my way around a gun and how to shoot very well. I know it might be hard to get parts for but if you still have it and if your a shooter take it to the range and use it! A good gun smith can make parts if something should go wrong and I understand some of these guns where not made so good? but I can tell you that I have put several hundred rounds in the center of the target with mine over the years since I got it and have never had one miss fire or any problem at all with it. I can say that I have come to love this gun and its single action, I just keep my finger OFF the trigger till I plain to pull it!   ;)  Wish I had more info to give you then my own experiences with the gun but all I can say is that it shoots strait and is a blast to shoot every time, I have even learned to hold the trigger and "FAN" the hammer for all six shots and get them all on the target someplace  ;D  So take it out and if it shoots good use it! Or if you decide you don't like it? list it for-sale and give me a shout, maybe I can make a deal? just say en  :) Have fun and happy shooting. 
Title: Re: Question about an AMS Traditions gun
Post by: Tornado on November 30, 2011, 07:28:04 AM
Fanning is very bad for a gun! :o
Title: Re: Question about an AMS Traditions gun
Post by: St. George on November 30, 2011, 08:15:18 AM
Unless someone already has the parts that have broken or become worn, the weapon's not really worth the cost of having new ones made - the quality of ASM's stuff was always on the poor side, and other folks have pretty much bought up available spares in fixing their own.

Furthermore, unless the weapon is specifically set up for fanning - a la' those heavily re-worked Rugers used in Fast Draw Competition - it's an excellent way to ruin an otherwise functional revolver in a helluva hurry, and it's dangerous, to boot, since they're not as strong as you'd need for that sort of thing.

But it's your gun.

Scouts Out!
Title: Re: Question about an AMS Traditions gun
Post by: Wells Fargo Slim on January 12, 2016, 08:14:08 AM
Fanning is very bad for a gun! :o
So true!!! I broke the hand spring on one of my sa revolvers doing just that. I was dry firing BTW not shooting live rounds