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Title: Winter Range color guard update
Post by: Sagebrush Burns on February 01, 2009, 01:03:18 pm
Here is how the color guard shapes up as of now.  If everyone who has spoken up participates, there will be eight of us, three of whom are questionable.  Five participants will get the job done, so we are OK.  If we have the full compliment of eight, we can go with three or four in front and get fancy.  We will be meeting at 5PM on Wednesday at the main tent and make final assignments and practice a bit.  I will have flag harnesses, two sabers and a Spencer carbine available as needed.  Participants please bring an appropriate rifle or saber if you have one.  Lou Graham will bring a GAF flag.  WR will provide the other flags and the extra staff.   Looking forward to honoring the colors once again at Winter Range...

Sagebrush Burns
Brevet Colonel, commanding
Department of the Platte