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Title: Southern District, Dept. of the Atlantic, G.A.F.
Post by: Zouave Officer on February 12, 2008, 12:38:05 am
Southern District, Department of the Atlantic

I hope that this finds you all well. Per Bvt. Colonel Schmitt I have been appointed to organize the Southern District of the Department of the Atlantic. This District includes the States of North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, and Florida.

I have sent out an email to those members carried on the roster of the GAF as in the District, which at present totals 61 members. However of these 29 emails were kicked back as incorrect, I have posted them elsewhere in the Barracks and hope that you all will be able to help me contact them. Of those that were not kicked back I have only heard from one of the old members and two of the new recruits. I would like to ask all those members in the States within the District to please contact me, as I'd like to work with the existing membership to further recruitment of members, as well as to find out what interest there is in taking part in events, musters, etc... As well as putting together a Color Guard within the District, and would like input from all the members.

I know it is my hope to bring enough folks together within the District to take part in at least 1 event this year, as well as trying to build up membership in the District and the G.A.F. across the board.

Anyone with any questions, comments, suggestions, etc... please feel free to contact me at:, and I will be glad to respond as quickly as possible. Any and all help is more than welcome.
Title: Re: Southern District, Dept. of the Atlantic, G.A.F.
Post by: Zouave Officer on February 13, 2008, 12:06:38 am
In an effort to ruther recruitment efforts, and the internet presence of the G.A.F., I have, with the approval of Bvt. Col. Schmitt, begun work on setting up a Southern District, Department of the Atlantic, G.A.F., website, that will contain information, both Historical & Modern regarding the District.

The Website address for the site is:

Any and all comments, suggestions, etc... are more than welcome, and would be very much appriciated.