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Title: A million thanks
Post by: Free Hand on November 24, 2006, 01:52:28 pm

Marshal H.

I just discovered this sight about a month ago and though it's my first, I can already see what a huge task this must be for you and your deputies. That you guys are willing to donate your time and efforts to do this sort of thing is an obvious demonstration of a love and dedication to an intrest that exceeds mere "fandom". This is all too rare in this day and age, particularly in an area that is so important to the culture and freedoms of our great country. Keep up the good work pards, God bless you and all those responsable  enough to be involved in these endevers. I expect to move to South Africa, to become involved in some missionary work there soon, and have been checking out their guns laws. they're about as harsh as the UK. Be VERY glad you live in the good old US of A. Can't express my thanks enougth.

Tom B Stone

PS Also thanks for all of the anti-anti-gun control info that's available on your sight