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New Henry to be Introduced!!

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Fox Creek Kid:
I was told by Taylor's today that this year they will have un Uberti factory "Improved Henry", i.e. with a side loading gate and get this: A SMALL WOODEN FOREARM!!!  :o  It's probably based on the original Briggs patent Improved Henry that had a small metal forearm.

Will Ketchum:
Fox Creek, that is interesting!

I know I saw a picture one time of a Henry with forearms much like those on a Winchester 87.  They were 2 slabs that were screwed to the metal between the barrel and the magazine.   I have looked and looked but can't find it again.

Perhaps the one you refer to was it.  But I don't recall it having the loading gate, although I have seen Henry's pictured that did have it.

Will Ketchum

Fox Creek Kid:
If you scroll down here you will see a Briggs patent Winchester that went for over $200K!!  :o Only six are known of.



Will Ketchum:
Thanks Kid, but that isn't the rifle I was thinking of.  Like I said above it had the forearm screwed right to the spacer between the barrel and the magazine.

I have been wanting to do that to mine but I want to find one to document it first.

Will Ketchum

  Just a guess here.
  Only 6 known, not commercially available.
  Probably not NCOWS acceptable.


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