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Where to get a wall hanger henry


Dakota Widowmaker:
For folks just wanting a wall hanging Henry, I was at Sportsman's Guide in St. Paul, Mn and they have them in their retail store for $92.

For that with $100 burning a hole in their pocket, its not a bad deal at all. I almost went for it, but, $100 has other uses for me right now.

The action works like a real gun, as does the flip up rear sight.

The barrel is plugged and te swing out at the front is not real. (it don't swing)

But, it has a more "traditional" potmetal surface (much rougher than my Uberti) and the wood is not all that pretty.

Its designed to look "used and abused".

Sheriff A.E. Moses:
I've had one of them hanging on the wall behind my desk for about 10 years, it has gained a nice patina so far. It has worked out just great for me since it is an enviornment I wouldn't dare expose a real gun. Many people comment on the rifle and so far only a very select few have known it to be a non-firing replica.

Forty Rod:
Check out Collectors Armoury (With the U).

The have all kinds of non-guns that look pretty good.



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