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Reverend Perdition:
Have a 1860 Henry Rifle clone in 44-40 cal. Barrel marking are MOD 66 sporting rifle .44/40. A. Uberti & C. Gardone V.T. Italy. Navy Arms Co. Ridgefield N.J
made in Italy. The reciever is Brass and has a serial number of 22992. It appears
and works like any other 1860 Henry. The difference is the barrel markings. The
barrel appears to be in the white. Does the barrel markings make it any less a
HENRY or was this the barrel used in early on production or maybe a miss stamped barrel?  Have owned the rifle for about 4 years.  Could the original barrel been
repaved with an 1866 barrel?

Col. Riddles:
RP it sounds to me like you have a mismarked barrel. If you bought the rifle new, Navy arms should replace it for you if you want them to.

Reverend Perdition:
I did not buy new, bought it about 3 to 4 years a go.  It has Navy Arms marking
from New Jersey.  I talked to the people at Navy Arms and they said the gun was manufactured prior to the new ownewr take over.  They said that the ATF
had the the old records and todays Navy Arms does not have access to the old records. Thanks for your input. Oh by the way the seriual # is 22992, and I was just wondering what the serial numbers are as of today.



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