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45 Colt "Pet loads" for Henry/'66

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USCG Flyer:
Both BP and smokeless, I'm game for anything. I have 200gr and 255 gr on hand for bullets. Powder wise, Titegroup, Bullseye, 2400 and one or two others. I just picked up some APP in the hopes that it may foul less than the beloved 3F, but I have plenty of 3F just incase. So let's get some good gouge on what you guys are shooting! Maybe something in a deer/ pig load would be nice also.

James Hunt:
Black powder and, what was that other stuff? Never heard of it, probably not good for your gun. As for real gunpowder its. simple. If using goex pour enough of the stuff in the case so that seating a soft bullet will give some compression, for me in WW cases that is about 33 gr. of 2f Goex. I use no wad, just load like you would for pistol. Is accurate shooting at 100 yds. For this type of shooting you can be pretty sloppy, no need for critical measure or drop tube, just feel some compression and you're all set. For those using their Henry or 66 beyond 100 yds, you need some couch time to figure out a problem.

Papa Bear:
My .44wcf CAS loads.

Winchester brass

Winchester LP primer

30 grains Goex 2fg

200 grain Mav Dutchman bullet (30 to 1 lead)

OAL 1.555

no fillers or wads

This gives me a good solid hit on any CAS distance targets.  For any distance beyond 100 yards I would increase the load to 35 grains


Tommy tornado:
.45 LC

28 grains of 3fffg Goex
Wonder wad or homemade hard felt wad with a little 50/50 Crisco/Beeswax
250 grain RNFP bullet with SPG or 50/50 lube

shot out of my browned henry

Steel Horse Bailey:
I fill the case with 34-37 gr of 2F or 3F BP and crunch it down with a 250 gr RNFP.

What little smokey-less I shoot is 5.1 gr Clays behind the same bullet.

They both seal reasonably well and keep fouling to a bearable level.


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