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1860 Henry Shooter Roll Call (JOIN HERE)

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Dakota Widowmaker:

The new roster of members can be found in "1860 Henry Rifle Roster" thread above.
Edited by Rawhide Rio  5/7/09

Lone Gunman:
You can see mine to the left of here in my avatar...it's the one without the wheels.  ;D

B. Butch Cavendish:
 Well all you can see is my face, but I got me one. A military version. Rosewood stock, gold reciver and a big silver bbl. In 44/40 Too prety to shoot...almost.


USCG Flyer:
I just picked up a .45 Colt, military version. It's a Taylor's import and I have about 50 rounds through it at the moment, and I hope to get out this weekend and try some different loads. Seems to be a good shooter.

Forty Rod:
Had one for over 20 years (.44-40): Allen Arms (Uberti) out of Santa Fe.


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