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New Henry, how do I get it apart?


USCG Flyer:
Hello all, first time poster and I figured I would go to the people that know. How do I get this thing apart? I know the sideplate has to come off, and I did a fine job of buggering up the lever screw last night, so what is the trick? I bought it slighty used and it has no instructions and it seems that all the involved web sites don't have it up yet (Uberti, Taylors, Cimmaron). Also, any info you guys and gals can give on the care and feeding would be great. It's .45 Colt, and I'm going to run some smokeless through it today just to try it, as I understand there is some blowback with the real powder in the .45 rifle. Any load data anyone has had success with would be great also. Thanks for looking, and I hope to be a useful sort around here myself. Thanks!

Carolina Lead Foot:
After reading your post, I am not sure if you have a Uberti 1860 Henry or the Henry big boy made in New York.  If it is an 1860, the first thing to do is to loosen the 2 screws on the bottom of the reciever in front of the lever.  This will reduce the tension on the lever and lifter and allow you to remove the lever screw without much effort.  Be advised the person who put these two screws in is strong and you need a screw driver that is a proper fit.  These screws get buggered up easily.  After getting out the lever the side plates should slide off either up or down.  Do be carefull, they are sharp where they dovetail in.

If this is the Henry made in New York, I have no idea.

CLF, who loves his 1860 44/40  ;) ;)

Silver Creek Slim:
Sent email.



USCG Flyer:
Thanks a bunch Slim, I haven't had a chance to take it apart yet but it looks like it will do the trick just fine. I also see there is a new board just for the Henry, I hope alot of good info gets passed.

Dakota Widowmaker:
I took my Henry 44WCF apart just once at the end of last season.

I removed all the stuff a screwdriver and hand tools would allow and then cleaned it all with Sagebrush stuff, then wiped with Kroil, then lubed with Breakfree/CLP. I should have used some gun grease, but, didn't have it handy at the time. Plus, CLP works as good as most anything I have found.

She is smooth... Once a season is all she needs.

I do normal after match cleanup with Sagebrush and Hoppes. Then run a patch or two down the bore with Kroil to protect it.


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