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Anyone have a "floating firing pin" Uberti SAA replica?

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Oregon Bill:
My Model P shot well yesterday -- 40 rounds without an issue. Thinking it might have just needed some breaking in.

I have Colt SAA's and I have a Uberti with the retractable firing pin system. The Uberti has three clicks, all the Colts have four. I did buy the Taylors hammer and trigger kit for my Uberti. Mine also has the coil spring for the hand. I took the revolver all apart and ended up reassembling it as it was originally. The coil spring was daunting to say the least.

Other than the number of clicks I don't think you would be able to tell any difference.


--- Quote from: Major 2 on February 06, 2024, 06:12:12 AM ---

Uberti - Cattleman II - Retractable Firing Pin 

--- End quote ---

Retractable Firing Pin  -  Yeah!      ;)


Call it retractable, or call it floating. Really make no difference because if it floats too much, or retracts too much, you WILL experience some mis-fires.

Cheyenne Logan:
While I admit to not reading every response in this thread, I will say that Uberti has made some models with a "Floating firing pin", mounted in the frame, not the retractable one....Taylors hadd brought them in....I know because I saw some Taylor's revolvers listed on Grab a Gun at a really good price point, but there was something off in the picture.....finally contacted Taylors andf aske dif this particular model had a floating firing pin, mounted in the frame, and was told it was.......not sure they still bring them in, but they were priced good.......they looked like the old Beretta guns.


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