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Engraved 1860 Henry - More Pics Added

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Col. Riddles:
Here's my 1860 Henry engraved by Charles Glackman aka Longline Charlie longlinecharlie@lightbound.com  He is doing only brass frames right now. He wants to experiment on his own pistols before doing engraving on steel. Turn around time is about a month. The pictures just do not do this gun justice.

Will Ketchum:
Very nice!!!  Is he just getting started?  I have a 66 that I am concidering having engraved and also a Henry. How are his prices?

Will Ketchum

Col. Riddles:
Will to have a 66 done like mine will cost you $800 + $22 S,H, & Ins. He'll have you take it to a smith and have the barrel removed then completely disassemble it and send him only the receiver & butt plate. You'll have to insure it for full replacement cost because my smith said it is easier to get a new gun than just a receiver. If you send the entire gun it will take quite a bit longer and will have to go through an FFL. 

He does beautiful work. He also does leather & custom knife maker. I have a big Bowie and a coffin handled boot knife and tow loading strips that he made.

FYI, I sent it via FedEx to his FFL. But he sent it back to me via Priority Mail. The Post Office told him and FedEx told me that if it is not capable of firing they do not consider it a firearm and they will allow person to person shipping. Go figure.


Silver Creek Slim:
That is right purdy.


Forty Rod:
Why don't I see pictures?  All I get are boxes with red Xs inside bigger boxes full of nothing.

Is somebody sore because I argued against this board or have the Henry Gremmies got me?

(Your link won't let me in, either.)


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