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Evens 44 long


Kent Shootwell:
Meet a fellow at the range that is a collector of Evens fire arms. He had three with him, a rifle, carbine and an octagon barrel sporting rifle. He gets his ammo from a company in Colorado Spring and allowed me to shoot one of my choice. I tried the carbine and found it to work well. Hit 4” chicken plates at twenty five yards every time. These rifles hold a lot of cartridges in a rotating magazine in the butt. And the hammer spur is on the bottom of the lever. Weird design by todays thinking that worked well at that early day of repeating arms.

I have had an Evans 44 long for around 6 years and shoot it reasonably regularly. Whilst my eyes are not as sharp as they were I do find that the Evans is an incredibly accurate rifle and above all fun to shoot. In our small club here in the U.K. we have around 7 Evans distributed between members and these are used on a regular basis. We are still hopeful that the book on the Evans authored by Scott Jamieson will get printed.


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