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Target shooting with cannon


Kent Shootwell:
The guys I shoot with asked that I bring my cannon out on the 4th to the rifle match. Got some giggles.
KVID4115 by Oliver Sudden, on Flickr
Click on cannon to play video.
IMG_0751 by Oliver Sudden, on Flickr

Silver Creek Slim:
That is great.


Hill Beachy:
Silver Creek Slim:  That's some mighty good shooting and it looks like you had a lot of fun doing it.

Had a couple of friends who are members of the North-South Skirmish Association (N-SSA) and invited me to attend their big National matches at Fort Shenandoah.  The cannon and mortar matches were held on Friday on the main range.  Everything from scale model to full-size, and even an original were used.  They fired at large silhouettes of "enemy" cannon as targets.  It was a real hoot!

Awesome shooting there.



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