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J. N. Scott Hammerless Double


Tascosa Joe:
Has anyone heard of these?

What I know:
1.  They are British made

2.  Unless one of you has seen one, they were made/sold in very small numbers.  I have one, a friend of mine in NC has one, and I saw one on the net for sale in a high end gun shop in Houston.

3.  SN is only  on the fore end wood.

4.  All have Damascus barrels.

5.  Of the 3 I know of all are different gauges.  14, 12 & 10.

What I think I know:

They were named for a foreman/employee/Vice-President of Simmons Hardware in Kansas City. They were sold only by Simmons. cir 1900-1910.

I would really like to find a catalogue from Simmons if any one has seen  one or has one let me know.


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