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Dutch Oven Gathering September 17-19

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Due to my health and Covid restrictions we did not have our Dutch Oven Gathering last year at Rock Creek Station State Historical Park near Fairbury Nebraska.   We are on for this year, it is organized by my Facebook Dutch Oven Group but others are welcome.   It's a weekend of learning both modern and historical cooking with dutch ovens, this is one of the few dutch oven events where wood can be used to to restrictions on building fires in parks and bringing in outside wood.  I have been doing demonstrations there for over 20 years so I am trusted with fires and they have plenty of wood from work on the park.

I am just in the planning stages, if anyone is interested message me no matter if you want to observe, learn or demonstrate.   There is modern camping in the park, primitive period camps are allowed in the area we will be cooking.   There is no fee, non-demonstrators will need a park permit available at the office.   


ira scott:
Del,  will there be eating involved?

B.N. Scotty


--- Quote from: ira scott on April 17, 2021, 07:14:40 AM ---Del,  will there be eating involved?

B.N. Scotty

--- End quote ---

What you think?

ira scott:
Where the Hell is the thumbs up button?

B.N. Scotty

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