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Hi Everybody
I and another CasCity citizen have started taking part in Vintage Sniper competition. I've posted a couple of other thread in other places and they seem to have gotten quite a bit of interest. It was suggested to me that I post a video link that I found in the other threads but those threads don't really seem to be of the period and since the Shootin' Range isn't limited by time frame I thought I would share them here.

Major 2:
Remembering the Old Sniper | Shooting USA

That was amazing

I thought so too. I tear up every time I watch it. I hope I'm still shooting that well at that age  ::) Hmmm I find I needed to modify that last sentence

Major 2:
so did I ... so did I , 
So proud of him
and all of the Greatest Generation and generations of men & women that followed in conflicts they served.


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