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I screwed up


Ben Beam:
A few weeks ago I was in the local gun shop drooling over the cowboy guns when I saw they had a used USFA revolver for around $700. I remember thinking that seemed like a good price, and that I should buy it to resell and make some money. Having been bitten by that impulse in the past, I reminded myself that I had promised not to buy anything with the intent of only reselling it.

I went back to the gun shop recently and didn't see it in the case and figured someone got a deal. On my way out I glanced in the cabinet where they put their prized firearms, and sure enough there it was with a new price of $1400.  :-\ Guess they figured out what they had.

Tuolumne Lawman:
I feel your pain!  I've hesitated on good deals, then lost them.


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