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Problems with Beretta Goldrush need HELP!

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I saw there was a SASS with the handle of Deadeye Dallas, SASS #60249 and that he worked on and was able to make a Beretta run smoothly. Does anyone know where i can contact this Gentlemen...i purchased a NIB and yes i know they are discontinued Gold rush that does not feed or fails to fire. Its a danger and i would like to have a smith who has worked /fixed these help me out.
I appreciate any help in this matter thanks and i look forward to feedback Mine is in 45c.


I saw accounts of DD working on Taurus Thunderbolts and getting them to run welll after a number of mods and fixes.  Haven't heard of him working on the Gold Rush but perhaps.  Seems I heard he wasn't working on the Taurus anymore, or maybe working on anything?  I don't know.  Now I do know that Lassiter in Ohio is a master on the Lightnings, as well as other guns.  I do not have his contact info but someone will.  There's another guy named El Rod I think who is a known Lightning guy.  And Pettifogger on this site is very versed on these and will likely chime in here.  I will see him tomorrow and will make sure he knows about this.  Good luck.

Thank you sir.....i can't wait to get in touch with some one that can fix this problem, look forward to hearing from those members you spoke of. also i can be reached at

It doesn't look like anyone comes to this site much?

I saw Pettifogger today and mentioned this to him.  He is one of the Arizona Rangers who put on Winter Range (as well as shooting the match) so he's a little busy these days.  He said he has three of the Goldrushes and that it took a fair amount of work to get them running right.  I'm sure he'll respond when he can.  There's a couple of other gunsmith types that frequent this site but I don't know if they are familiar with the Goldrush.



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