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One piece grips

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Virgil Lantey:
I need new one piece grips for my Uberti/Cimarron model P.
I ordered a set from Cimarron (which only come prefinished) with the understanding that if they were oversize I would have to fit them and if they were undersize I would be out of luck. Well, they were too small and I'm shipping them back today for a refund.
Everything on the Uberti site is out of stock so that's a bust.
Any ideas?
I'm not looking for anything fancy and they don't have to be perfect. Ideally just a wood factory grip that I can fit and refinish, but I'm open to something like faux ivory too.

Buckaroo Lou:
These all come as a kit that you have to put together and fit to your gun. Just make sure the grips fit your gun before altering. You can't return them if they have been altered.


Virgil Lantey:
Thanks, Buckaroo! Have you purchased and installed their grips?

Buckaroo Lou:
Not from them per say but a set I found on the big auction site eBxx. They were just like theirs in faux ivory. I did them for one of my USFA revolvers.

Major 2:
 AKA Larry Little




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