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Afraid to shoot it

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Welcome to the place! And we always love pictures around here.  :D

Keith H.:
Thanks everyone!
Yup, I kept thinking maybe in 50 yrs. there will be a collector's market, but then realizing that I won't be around any longer, so it wouldn't matter  ;D
Gonna find me some ivories for her.
I've been carrying a Frisco in .45 Colt with 5.5" barrel for last 6 years, and you know how that charcoal blue wears off so fast. Time to switch guns for a bit. This Bisley is 7.5" barrel which I tend to like more anyway, as I used Navies and Dragoons all through my early years. I like this Bisley grip too, as it points well for me.

Keith H.:
First time posting pictures, hope it works.

Keith H.:

Keith H.:
Already have an El Paso Saddlery holster in black. Next is the ivory.



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