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Hoof Hearted:
Beretta is Uberti and should be added as:


Chaparral did produce a SAA

STI in Texas also did produce a SAA

Long John,

Could you please provide some links or other info regarding:
Great Gun s.r.o., Tvrdonice, Tschechien

Regards, HH

--- Quote from: Long Johns Wolf on June 28, 2012, 06:38:54 AM ---Some more SAA clone makers:    
Chaparral Arms
Great Gun s.r.o., Tvrdonice, Tschechien
STI International
Long Johns Wolf   

--- End quote ---

Long Johns Wolf:
Here we go: www.greatgun.eu
They do mostly lever action rifles of Henry, Henry Transitional, Win 73 and 92 pattern, but irregularly produce small batches of SAAs (Colt 1873 pattern) as well. Been there last year, saw the pistols (and the rifles). High end quality stuff.
Long Johns Wolf

sack peterson:
I overlooked STI.  I’ll add that.

My suspicion is that Chapparal’s is / was a private label for an Italian mfgd model we are already familiar with.  Next, we could do a list of private labels themselves.

You’d have to tell me more about the other one.

Old Doc:

--- Quote from: Forty Rod on June 12, 2012, 07:38:25 PM ---AWA and the new AWA USA...two different companies.

--- End quote ---
Funny, they have the same phone number.


AWA and the "new" AWA USA are/were two separate companies.  AWA went bust following several law suits.  Richard Simpson started AWA USA a bit later but I believe in the same facility.  AWA USA guns are Not, to my knowledge, Pietta based.  Someone else was making his frames.
I haven't been able to contact them for some time ans don't know if AWA USA is still in business.




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